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PMF Insights helps early-stage companies accelerate
their time to product market fit (PMF) by infusing customer feedback into the product
development process.


Infuse customer feedback into your product development process

Casual Office Meeting - Helping startups accelerate their time to product market fit through deeper customer insights


  • The engagement begins with a listening session focused on understanding more about you, your journey, and aspirations.

  • We’ll then dive into learning about your product, the problems it seeks to solve and for whom, what makes it unique, and where it is along the product life cycle.

  • Ultimately, we want to come away with a clear understanding of knowledge gaps, that if filled, would accelerate your time to product market fit (PMF).

Meeting - Helping startups accelerate their time to product market fit through deeper customer insights


  • With a clear sense of prioritized knowledge gaps, we’ll build out the research plan.

  • The focus will be on moving at lightning speed, being pragmatic, and scrappy!

  • The research method (e.g. the technique we'll use to obtain customer feedback) will be customized to take into account the research priorities, your timeline, how developed your product is and how difficult (or not) it will be to engage with customers.

  • This isn't a time to sit back. I'm a big fan of including my clients directly in the data collection process!

Meeting - Helping startups accelerate their time to product market fit through deeper customer insights


  • Following the data collection phase, I will quickly synthesize insights and recommend how to incorporate learnings into your product iterations.

  • I will share these insights in a manner that is most useful to you.

  • My deliverables range from detailed reports, to hands-on workshops that enable us to collectively think through the product implications of our learnings and how we might develop a more systematic approach to integrating customer feedback into ongoing product iterations.


PMF Insights is a boutique product strategy and research consultancy led by Antony Barton. Antony brings significant experience working across the product development process in undertaking research to inform and inspire the design and development of new products, services, and experiences.

As a Director of Research at Meta, Antony led a mixed methods UX research team focused on driving innovation into Facebook Stories; and working with cross-functional partners in engineering, product management, data science, product design, and marketing in setting and executing product strategy. At Intel, he led global research teams driving insights into PC and data center product development and go-to-market strategy execution, targeting both consumer and B2B audiences.

His highly collaborative approach is based on listening and moving as quickly as possible to leverage the advantage of better understanding your customer as a way to accelerate time to product market fit (PMF).

A certified Hudson Institute Leadership coach, Antony works with individual clients focused on becoming better leaders. For more information on Antony's coaching practice, see the Leadership Coaching section.

Antony Barton - Helping startups accelerate their time to product market fit through deeper customer insights


"Antony has been a great partner, serving in the role of voice of the customer advocate and product advisor. His guidance and product development savviness has been critical in helping us pivot our strategy. We have done this based on re-assessing the market opportunity, better understanding our target customers and being more clear in articulating the problems we are solving for them. We are now on a path to building our MVP."

Liam Thurman

Founder and President


"Antony has been an instrumental guide and advisor throughout our journey at Runic. His unwavering, customer-centric approach has helped us achieve clarity of vision in both product development and sales. We highly recommend Antony to any start-up looking to enhance and deepen their customer-centric approach."

Dan Edelman

Co-founder and CEO


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